Pack Happiness Not Calories!

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Whether you’re taking a mini get away from work or you’re escaping the summer heat; travelling and diet plans have a way of being completely non-synchronized. With breakfast, lunch and dinner outside; all those hours you spent working towards that summer body are put to the test!


What people don’t realize is that being healthy is a mind-set. For some it comes naturally, for the rest of us, it is all about being smart, having fun and still looking and feeling like a ten on ten.


Here are a few simple tips that help you stay healthy while traveling:


Slack-off slacking


Vacays have long been mistaken for sleep-ins and missing that hotel breakfast. But a great tip to get your healthy fix and save on your budgets is to eat that breakfast. It is the one meal that really charges you up for the day. Go all out; eat your eggs, fruits, milk, cereal, carbs and get your energy meter on.


Walk it up!


Look for attractions close to your hotel and walk to it. If you don’t live on too high a floor, take the stairs! If the city or town you’re in offers city cycles; do not hesitate to take them! Not only will you be burning the calories, you will also be seeing the city in a whole new light. Cycle down a quaint alley instead of passing by it in a car or bus; enjoy the sights at your own pace!


Keep it light


You’ve packed yourself a good breakfast, so go easy on the lunch. When you’re picking out restaurants, make sure you knit pick your servers brains on alternate options to deep fried mains. A lot of food that’s fried can also be served to you grilled. Ask them for health-friendly options and indulge within reason. If you’re not in the mood to go all out healthy; seafood is a great alternative to good taste and good health.


Pack your munchies


It’s nice to know you’ve got your nuts, dry fruits, nutty spreads, flax seeds and other such simple-to-pack healthy munching options. Try out all the junk food the new city has to offer, but fall back on your healthy staples when you’re munching in between long travels or through your evening snacks. This is another great budget saver tip that helps you stay healthy.


Drink responsibly


You’re already binge eating on a whole lot of unhealthy and unnecessary sugars and carbs. Skip those fruity, fizzy drinks. You’ve worked hard on your body and this is not what you want to wash down all the effort with.


Explore your options


When you’re out there and you’re tempted to try new things; walk into the nearest health food store and you will be amazed at the snacking options you’ve got. From healthy food spreads to protein bars and more; every place has its own peculiar health snacks that could be fun testing and trying out.


Water yourself


There is not enough emphasis in the world on just how important it is to keep yourself hydrated. You probably already knew this one, but we just had to put it out there. Especially when you are constantly eating food prepared outside; loaded with oil and all kinds of other unhealthy ingredients. Wash it all down and cool down your body with water.


We get it though, you’re on vacation. If you see that cupcake, you’re most likely to indulge and honestly, so would we! But getting carried away in the name of holiday is a strict no-no. Here is a simple rule to help you plan your intake, if you feel guilty about what you’re eating, eat a smaller portion!