From Fat to Fit – Here’s How Your Favourite Stars Did It

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It’s summer! It’s that time of the year we’ve conveniently dedicated to doing one or all of the below:


1) Watching re-runs of our favourite comedy shows.
2) Endless days watching movies we never knew existed.
3) Scrolling through Instagram wishing we were glamorous and famous.
4) Dancing or humming that addictive IPL tune as it plays every evening.


What we’re not doing?
Making an effort to get closer to our ‘glam body goals.’


Looking for some motivation? Check out our favourite Youth Icons and their rigorous fitness routines!

Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt has always been a young woman on a mission. Whether it was to actively put her body in shape or show the world just how stimulated her mind really is, she never fails to surprise.


If you’re not the sort to be able to visit the gym every day, you and Alia Bhatt have a lot more common than you think. Her workout routine consists of cardio and upper body, cardio and abs and cardio and leg. She visits the gym every alternate day and follows the same cycle.


Since women are more into toning than bulking, it helps to keep a calorie intake count like Alia Bhatt and follow a few simple rules like: No eating 2 hours prior to bed, staying hydrated all day, avoiding oily and fried food, skipping the junk and succumbing to eating treats every now and then, only if you’ve earned it!


Tanmay Bhatt


Here’s a case of, “if he could do it, I totally can.” Tanmay Bhatt has made you laugh enough to burn a lot of calories, been the butt of many fat jokes and taken it all in his stride.


Little did we know that these strides were towards the gym and towards following a Keto diet. Over time he lost more than 110kgs, by slowly cutting out his calorie intake, reducing the amount by around 200 calories a day. He worked on a heavy protein diet and was constantly hydrated.


He took to weights to drop his own weights. Deadlifts, squats, bench presses and overhead presses and with some guidance from his fitness instructor, he has created a fitness routine he can follow without a guide and aims to get a whole lot fitter and healthier.


Virat Kohli


How does a Delhi-based Indian boy not have a Delhi belly? Being captain of the Indian Cricket Team surely helps! However it is the dedication to stay fit that got him here in the first place.


It’s the pitch or the gym for Virat Kohli. His mantra, ‘hit the gym 5 days a week, stay focused on your exercise, mix up cardio and weights and just keep going.’ The exercise does not have to be complicated, it is the effort to keep on working that makes all the difference.

He believes in keeping it simple. Eat well, don’t limit the portions, and just limit it to healthy food groups! His favourite snacks are a packet of nuts and while on tour he still sticks to healthy meals including Lamb Chops or Pink Salmon, but his go-to meal is definitely a delicious, well-balanced home cooked meal.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


We’ve watched this beautiful woman go through so many phases. From the perfect figure during her Miss India spell, to her transition into a fit mom, there’s a lot of inspiration to be drawn from her.
It gets hard when you have to accept that you’re not as young and agile as you used to be.


This diva is a lot more grounded than you’d give her credit for. Her workout includes Yoga and functional training and would pick this over going to the gym; to keep her slender body toned and energized.


With her diet, she is pretty strict. Everyone gets junk food cravings but she fights them off by sipping on fruit juices and staying hydrated with plenty of water. She is another promoter of a good home cooked meal that has the carbs and proteins in balance.


A little bit of focus can kick that post pregnancy poundage straight out the door!


Here are a few take-away points:


1) It doesn’t matter what your body is like, you can achieve your fitness goals.
2) Hitting the gym is not the only way, do what you’re comfortable with. From walking your dog, to joining a dance class for your favourite tunes – there’s a lot that you can do to keep fit.
3) It is all about focus and dedication. Try to stick to the same time everyday. If you can persevere through the first one month, the rest will be a breeze. You cannot give up.
4) Put away that packet of chips, there are tons of healthier things to munch on. Some healthy snacking options include nuts, roasted fox nuts, tangy salads or creamy hummus. Identify yours and have them at hand for when hunger strikes.
5) Girl or boy, old or young; they’re all just classifications; anyone can be fit.